The Catholic University of America

Human Ecology: Integrating 125 Years of Catholic Social Doctrine

Presented by The Napa Institute and The Catholic University of America School of Business and Economics

March 16 – 18, 2016

Christopher Wasserman
Co-founder & President
Zermatt Summit Foundation


Christopher Wasserman is the President and co-founder of the Swiss registered Foundation Ecophilos whose credo is that the respect of the human person is compatible with success in business enterprises. 

He is also the founder and President of the TeroLab Surface Group, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), and one of the leading European companies in the field of surface engineering by thermal spraying.

Christopher Wasserman began his business career as board member of his family owned group Eutectic Castolin, that was one of the earliest adopters in the world of sustainable development. Mr. Wasserman believes that it is possible to achieve sustainable business success, through partnering with important stakeholders such as staff, suppliers and customers and, using the current economic crisis as an opportunity, he started to implement visionary and progressive HR strategies in the industry, designed to transform management practices and empower workers to take greater ownership and responsibility for their work. In 2009 Christopher Wasserman founded the Zermatt Summit, an annual event first held in 2010 and run by the Zermatt Summit Foundation. It was created to allow innovative business leaders, CEOs, senior policy makers and NGOs to discuss how ethics and not the sole pursuit of pure profit can drive business practices forward in the forthcoming years.

Christopher Wasserman holds a MBA from New York University.