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  • IRS Scams and the Lack of Virtues in Business
    By Blog Contributor: Robert WarrenLast week Indian law enforcement officers raided a Mumbai based call center, detained 750 workers for questioning, and arrested seventy alleged scammers for calling U.S. taxpayers posing as IRS collection agents.The phone scammers told the unsuspecting taxpayers who answered the phone that they owed money...
  • Washington Times Article by Jay Richards: "Shelving the Greed Myth and other economic illusions"
    Since 1990 extreme poverty has been cut in half worldwide and is continuing to plummet. The Brookings Institution projects that this kind of poverty might more or less disappear by 2030. Globally, infant mortality, malnutrition and illiteracy are all declining.How did this happen? More global trade, more economic freedom and more innovati...
  • Washington Times Article by Michael Novak: "Invention and discovery generate wealth"
    At the beginning of the 19th century, only duchesses wore silk stockings; by the end, even working girls did. At the beginning of that century, few had eyeglasses; by the end, eyeglasses were in frequent use. Dental care advanced somewhat (much more so, however, in the 20th century). Longevity rose steadily, and infant mortality began to ...

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