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Brian Engelland – Associate Dean, Professor of Marketing


Dr. Brian Engelland is Associate Dean of the School of Business and Economics, the Edward J. Pryzbyla Chair of Business and Economics, and Ordinary Professor of Marketing. He teaches market research, market strategy and other marketing electives in support of the BSBA and MSBA degrees.

Dr. Engelland’s research focuses on how marketing executives “think” or process inputs in making determinations on how to market products and services. Naturally, this involves investigation into the personal ethics, virtue and religiosity of the marketing decision-maker. He has authored over seventy refereed publications and five books, won multiple teaching awards and been named as a fellow of the Marketing Management Association. In 2013 he was the receipient of the Lifetime Contributor to Marketing Award by the Society for Marketing Advances. He was named the Edward J. Pryzbyla Chair of Business and Economics.

Prior to becoming an academic, he was a product development executive and served in a series of leadership positions for two Fortune 500 corporations. Later, he became president of a marketing consultancy agency, Engelland and Associates, which helped clients successfully introduce new products and services.

Dr. Engelland holds a bachelor's degree from Purdue University, an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, and a doctorate from Southern Illinois University. Before joining the faculty here, he served as marketing department head at Mississippi State University. He and his wife Barbara are enthusiastic supporters of Catholic education. All three of his children earned degrees from Catholic high schools and colleges. Engelland is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, and a Knight Commander with Star in the Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Dr. Engelland teaching 


Selected Research and Writing

Engelland, Chad and Brian Engelland (2016) "Conversion Marketing; and the Cardinal Virtues," Journal of Markets and Morality, 19(2).

Engelland, Brian (2014), “How Do Firms Foster the Exercise of Subsidiarity?” presented September 25th at Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business, in Washington, DC.

Martin, William, Joel Collier and Brian Engelland (2014), “Investigating Connectedness to Brand Users: How Important is Social Interaction,” Marketing Management Journal, 24(1), 16-29.

Engelland, Brian (2014) “Team-Building, Virtue and Personal Flourishing in Organizations,” presented February 24th at Personal Flourishing in Organizations, Santa Croce University in Rome, Italy.

Engelland, Brian (2014) Religion, Humanism, Marketing, and the Consumption of Socially Responsible Products, Services and Ideas,” Journal of Business Research, 67(2), 1-6.

Engelland, Brian, (2012) “Conflicting Views of Markets and Economic Justice: CST and the Development of CSR in the Marketing Discipline,” presented at the Eighth International Conference on Catholic Business Education, Dayton, Ohio, June 18-20, 2012.

Engelland, Brian (2012) “The Vocation of Business Leaders: A Reflection on the Reflection,” presented June 7th to the Summer Institute of Catholic Social Teaching in Washington, DC.

Engelland, Brian (2011), “Creating a Family-Centered Economy,” The Family in America: A Journal of Public Policy, Winter, 2011, 80-86, 2011.

Engelland, Brian and William Eshee (2011), Ethics Essentials for Business Leaders, Rockville Centre, NY: Sophia Omni Press.

Martin, William, Brian Engelland and Joel Collier (2011), “Assessing the Impact of Acquiescence Response Bias on Marketing Data,” Marketing Management Journal, 21(1), 31-46.

Dugar, Kranti, Brian Engelland and Robert Moore (2010), “Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Recalls, Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance in Publicly-Traded Firms,” 2010 Proceedings of the Society for Marketing Advances.

Engelland, Brian and Lindsay Vandervelde (2010), “Ensuring Safe Products for Consumers: A review of Corporate Social Responsibility and Government Safety Regulation,” in the Marketing Management Association 2010 Proceedings.

Poletti, Michael, Brian Engelland and Howard Ling (2010) “An Empirical Study of Declining Lead Times: Potential Ramifications on the Performance of Early Market Entrants,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 19(1), 27-38.

Watson, Stevie, Corliss Thornton and Brian Engelland, (2010) “Skin Color Shades in Advertising to Ethnic Audiences: The Case of African Americans,” Journal of Marketing Communication, 16(4), 185-201.


In His Words ...

The CUA Program excels at integrating the liberal arts orientation together with strong Christian ethics and Catholic Social Teaching. As a result, graduates are prepared to assume positions of ethical leadership in socially-conscious organizations. – Brian Engelland


Office: 300 McMahon Hall
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20064

Office hours: By appointment

Phone: 202-319-6729




  • MGT 345 –Marketing Management
  • MGT 346 – Market Research
  • MSBA 501 –Marketing with Integrity
  • MSBA 513 – Business Research


D.B.A. Marketing Strategy, Southern Illinois University

M.B.A. Quantitative Methods, University of Cincinnati

B.S. Industrial Engineering, Purdue University


Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing strategy
  • Measurement issues
  • Marketing education
  • Marketing research
  • Ethics in marketing


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