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Paul Radich – Management Lecturer


Professor Radich joined the Faculty at Catholic University as a Lecturer in the spring of 2004. His areas of focus include ethics, international marketing, consumer behavior, selling and sales management, and benchmarking marketing investment and impact.

He provides consulting and training services on insight generation as well as on effective communication of complex information, to many Fortune 500 companies and some government agencies. He has held research and writing roles at the Corporate Executive Board, and marketing and training roles for a high-tech firm. He received his Master’s degree from Catholic University, and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame. Mr. Radich was recently named to the Ethics Committee of the American Marketing Association.  

In addition to teaching, Professor Radich coordinates the orientation of fellow lecturers and fosters their development and collegial community. He lives in Rockville, Maryland, with his wife and six children.




Research and Writing

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Other Presentations and Interviews

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In His Words ...

Teaching Ethics in Business - in a Catholic setting - has been challenging and rewarding: the students are willing to engage in personal and meaningful ways - they realize that what they study makes a difference - and helps them to make a difference in the world.– Paul Radich



Office: 309 McMahon Hall
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20064

Office hours: X – X p.m. Tuesdays

Phone: 202-319-5290




  • MGT 301 – Ethics in Business and Economics
  • MGT 348 – Consumer Behavior


M.A., Philosophy
The Catholic University of America

B.A., Great Books Program, Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society
University of Notre Dame

B.S., Physics in Medicine
University of Notre Dame


Areas of Expertise

  • Ethics
  • Consumer behavior
  • High-tech marketing
  • Creative problem solving/idea generation
  • Presentation design