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  • Professor Mario Enzler talks "MEAM" with Pope Francis and EWTN while on his trip to the Vatican this summer.
  • More Than Money
    As students of the MSBA program at The Catholic University of America's Busch School of Business and economics, we were tasked with seeking out a client for our field team study. Our mission was to find a client and adapt our news skills in business analysis in order to make a positive impact in our clients business. More than Money is a ...
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In the Media

Spring 2017

Catholic Radio Indy– January 8, 2017
The Catholic Cave: "The Value of Human Endeavors"
Dr. Maximilan Torres on a radio interview discusses human labor and the value of work.

Fall 2016

• Time – September 6, 2016
Time Inc. to Host Forum Featuring Pope Francis
Andreas Widmer published an Op-Ed in Crux on entrepreneurs and Pope Francis in light of Time, Inc's global economic forum hosted at the Vatican last Friday. 

American Heros Channel
Mercenaries Attempt to Take Rome so as to Ransom the Pope
Andreas Widmer and Mario Enzler appeared in a documentary on American History Channel discussing the Sack of Rome and the Popes Bodyguards.

Catholic Standard – November 28, 2016
Tim Busch Addresses Students at 'The Pope's Business School'
Tim Busch's talk on the Business School was covered by the Catholic Standard.

El Pregonero – November 23, 2016
No Al Suicidio 
El Pregonero covered a talk given by Ernest Zampelli on Religion, Political Ideology and Support for Legalized Euthanasia and Suicide.

The Washington Examiner– November 22, 2016
Why Catholics Switched to Trump at the Last Minute
The Washington Examiner quoted Dr. Richards extensively in this piece with regards to the elections and the Catholic vote. 

NBC – November 9, 2016
Therapy Dog Visits Capitol Hill After Election
Busch student and marketing intern Hayley Johnson, who also interns on Capitol Hill was pictured on an NBC affiliate here.

Small Business Trends – November 15, 2016
Trump and Small Businesses: They Went For Him Bigly. Now What?
Jack Yoest, Clinical Assistant Professor, was quoted in Small Business Trends in Trump and Small Businesses: They Went for Him Bigly. Now What?

• The Hill – December 1, 2016
Trump Must Create Jobs, Not Just Keep Them In America
Dr. Jay Richards discusses technology, how it affects the economy, and what Trump can do to increase job opportunities for Americans. 

 • Newmax Prime TV – November 18, 2016
Newmax Prime | Dr. Jay Richards Discusses Catholic Votes For Trumps 
Dr. Jay Richards was featured on Newmax Prime to discuss Trump and Catholic votes. 

 • Christian Today – November 20, 2016
The Queen Is To Invite Donald Trump to Britain. Time for the Christian Virtue Of The 'Stiff Upper Lip'
Dr. Jay Richards is quoted regarding Trump's election, the Christian point of view, and Trump's upcoming invitation to visit Britain. 

 • The Washington Times – November 11, 2016
Catholic Comeback Helps Propel Donald Trump to White House Win 
Dr. Jay Richards' speculations regarding Catholics and the election is quoted in The Washington Times. 

 • Curbed DC – November 10, 2016
Maloney Hall, CUA's Up-and-Coming Business Home, On Track for Fall 2019 Opening 
Details about the renovation and opening of the Busch School of Business & Economics' new building. 

 • Milwaukee Catholic Herald – October 27, 2016
Whitefish Bay Native Name Business Dean at CUA

 • The Daily Caller – October 21, 2016
The Death And Redemption Of Corporate Culture 
Dr. Frederic Sautet discusses the case of Wells Fargo and a person-centered culture.

 • The Washington Times – October 7, 2016
Invention and discovery generate wealth
Professor Michael Novak is featured in a Special Washington Times Section on Faith, Work and Economics.

The Washington Times – October 7, 2016
Shelving the ‘Greed Myth’ and other economic illusions
Dr. Jay Richards writes for a Special Section on Faith, Work and Economics.

Washington Examiner – October 3, 2016
On Catholic non-negotiables, evangelical Mike Pence better than Catholic Tim Kaine
Dr. Jay Richards compares the two VP candidates with respect to life and marriage.

 • Legatus Magazine – September 3, 2016
Serious business in the nation’s capital

 • EWTN – August 24, 2016
The Role of Catholic University as the National University of the Church
Andrew Abela, provost, appeared on EWTN Live to talk about the role of Catholic University as the national university of the Catholic Church in America.

 • Balancing Act – August 8, 2016
Why a Faith-Based Education May be Right for You
Andrew Abela, provost, was interviewed on Balancing Act (which airs on Lifetime) on why faith-based education may be right for a student.

Spring/Summer 2016

 • Catholic News Agency – June 22, 2016
The Catholic Church has something to say about your paycheck
Bill Bowman, dean, Busch School of Business, was quoted in a Catholic News Agency story on the Church's view of business and wages.

The Catholic World Report – May 19, 2016
The man behind Catholic U’s largest donation ever
Tim Busch discusses faith and the business world, and his efforts to educate the next generation of business leaders in Catholic social teaching.

Catholic News Service– May 17, 2016
Ryan: 'Religious Liberty Is Going to Make a Comeback'
Jay Richards, assistant research professor, business, was quoted in a Catholic News Service story on the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

 • National Catholic Register – May 11, 2016
The Catholic University of America’s Business School Integrates Virtue, Vocation and Work

 • National Review – May 11, 2016
Catholic Business School Gets a $47 Million Investment

Christian Post – May 11, 2016
Economic Myths of Presidential Candidates
Jay Richards, assistant research professor, business, was quoted in a Christian Post story on economic myths spoken by presidential candidates. 

– May 1, 2016
What's Next for Toms, the $400 Million For-Profit Built on Karmic Capital
Andreas Widmer, director of entrepreneurship programs, business, was quoted in an Inc. story on social entrepreneurship and Toms shoes. 

Education News – April 24, 2016
Catholic University Receives $47 to Boost Business School

 • Forbes – April 21, 2016
Reviving Catholic Teachings In Business

 • Chronicle of Philanthropy – April 21, 2016
Catholic University Receives Gifts Totaling $47 Million

USA Today – April 20, 2016
Catholic University to rename business school after record donation

Orange County Business Journal – April 20, 2016
Busch Family Gives $15M

The Washington Post – April 19, 2016
With record $15 million gift, Catholic University renames business school

Washington Business Journal – April 19, 2016
Catholic University scores $47M in gifts for business school

 • Catholic News Agency – April 19, 2016
CUA school of business receives millions in donations, gets new name

 • Inc. 
– April 5, 2016
Entrepreneur, father of nine to serve as dean of CUA business school
Dean Bowman was featured in a Catholic News Agency story about his appointment.

 • Arlington Catholic Herald (also published by Catholic News Service) – March 23, 2016
Business leaders have role in caring for ‘our common home,’ says cardinal
Max Torres, associate professor, and director, management, was quoted in an Arlington Catholic Herald story on the Human Ecology conference.

 • Catholic News Agency – March 22, 2016
A look at how businesses can help the poor
Coverage of the Human Ecology conference.

 • National Review – March 21, 2016
The Little Sisters of the Poor and the Missionaries of Charity are true beacons in this dark world.
This article features Human Ecology conference.

 • Zenit 
– March 18, 2016
Cardinal Turkson’s Lecture at Catholic University of America
“Is business to care for our common home?”

Coverage of Human Ecology conference.

 • Omaha World Herald 
– March 4, 2016
A handshake from the pope led former Swiss Guards member to learn the business of faith
Andreas Widmer was featured in an Omaha World-Herald story on his path from Papal Swiss Guard to faithful businessman.

 • Deseret News 
– March 3, 2016
How to bridge the gap between faith and finance
Jay Richards was quoted in a Deseret News story on bridging the gap between faith and finance.

 • Arlington Catholic Herald 
– February 24, 2016
Human ecology conference at Catholic U. to apply Catholic social teaching to business
Article features Human Ecology conference.

 • Marketplace – February 11, 2016
Who pays when a Pope visits?
Andreas Widmer was interviewed by Marketplace on the Pope's trip to Mexico.

Fall 2015

 • Vice News – November 25, 2015
Pope Francis Is About To Head Into A War Zone For First Time Ever
Andreas Widmer was quoted in a Vice story on papal security in advance of Pope Francis' trip to Africa.

 • Bloomberg – November 12, 2015
Blomberg released an announcement that industry veteran Mark Weber had joined the advisory board of MemSQL (, the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics.

 • The New York Times – November 3, 2015
When Making Donations, Know an Agency’s Needs
Andreas Widmer was quoted in a New York Times story on donations.

 • The Washington Times – October 22, 2015
Science, religion not in conflict for most Americans
Jay Richards was quoted in article on science and religion.

 • Knowledge - INSEAD – October 13, 2015
Are Wage Inequalities Fair?
Douglas Frank, associate professor of management, co-wrote an op-ed about wage inequality.

 • National Catholic Register – September 25, 2015
Pope Francis Schools UN General Assembly on ‘Human Ecology’
Andrew Abela praised the manner in which the Holy Father integrated several key themes into his address.

Pope Francis' visit to the United States and The Catholic University of America

  • JayRichards wrote an op-ed for on September 22, about Pope Francis and capitalism. He was also featured on CNSNews, Bloomberg TV (September 25), and National Journal (September 13).
  • On September 24, Andreas Widmer, director of entrepreneurship programs, was interviewed by The Catholic Report on protecting the Pope.
  • On September 23, Andreas Widmer was live on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 on papal security, and on September 22, he was interviewed by Brian Todd of CNN about the security and experiences surrounding the event.
  • On September 22, Martha Cruz Zuniga, clinical assistant professor of economics, was quoted in a Voice of America article about how U.S. Catholics view Pope Francis.
  • On September 21, Mary Rice Hasson, adjunct professor, previewed Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. later on C-Span. She also discussed the Catholic Church’s cultural teachings, her work with the Catholic Women’s Forum, and ongoing congressional Republican efforts to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Andreas Widmer was on CBS News on September 17.
  • On September 15, Dr. Richards participated in a discussion on “Capitalism through the eyes of Pope Francis” at the CATO Institute, which broadcast on C-SPAN.
  • On September 15, board member of CUA's business school and alumn Peter Forlenza, spoke to Bloomberg of hope among Wall Street executives as the visit of Pope Francis draws closer.

 • EWTN Live – August 12, 2015
Dr. Engelland discussed business school curriculum with host Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Sacred Heart Radio – July 18, 2015
Dr. Max Torres in interviewed by well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta between 4:20 and 5pm

Radio Denver – July 9, 2015
Andreas Widmer is interviewed about Laudato Si

Eric Metaxas Show – July 6, 2015
Interview about Greek financial crisis with Dr. Jay Richards

EWTN News Nightly – July 2, 2015
Interview on Laudato Si with Dr. Jay Richards – July, 2015
Dr. Richards is interviewed on the encyclical Laudato Si

Ave Maria Radio – June 25, 2015 
Andreas Widmer discusses his latest research on the understanding of Catholic Social Doctrine in America

AM-1440 KMED (Oregon) – June 24, 2015

Dr. Richards discusses the Pope and Global Warming on the Bill Meyer Show

• WZZM13 (Grand Rapids)  June 19, 2015
Dr. Richards was interviewed by  on the Pope's encyclical – June 21, 2015
Interim Dean, Dr. Brian Engelland, speaks with CatholicVote about Pope Francis' call for a renewal of virtue in our economic practices

Sacred Heart Radio – June 19, 2015 
Andreas Widmer was interviewed by Al Kresta about Laudato Si

CBS Evening News – June 18, 2015

Dr. Jay Richards did an interview about Laudato Si

ABC Network Grand Rapids – June 18, 2015

Dr. Jay Richards was interviewed on papal encyclical Laudato Si

WalletHub Study – June, 2015
Prof. Martha Cruz-Zuniga was featured in WalletHub’s recent study about 2015's Metro area that most and least resemble the U.S.

Catholic News Service – June 18, 2015
Dr. Jay Richards is quoted in the article From border to academia, enthusiasm for papal encyclical runs high

Santa Croce University Newsletter – June, 2015
Luanne Zurlo was interviewed in the summer Santa Croce newsletter to discuss Fr. Martin Schlag's visit to NYC in May of 2015

Catholic News Agency – June, 2015
Dr. Max Torres was quoted as an expert in an article on blood diamonds by Addie (Adelaide) Mena

• Vatican Radio – May 19, 2015
Andreas Widmer discussed CUA and Laudato Si with Marius Mueller-Meiningen, a secular independent German Rome Correspondent

Catholic Radio Kansas City – April 24, 2015
Interview with Andreas Widmer

EWTN Nightly News – April 1, 2015
Interview with Andreas Widmer on the 10th Anniversary of St. John Paul II’s death (Minute 11:00)

Catholic Radio Orange County, CA – April 1, 2015
Interview with Andreas Widmer

AM 970 The Answer – March 22, 2015 
Professor Luanne Zurlo was a guest on the NYC radio to discuss finance and her most recent book: Fifteen Feet from the Pope.

Inter Press Service News Agency – March 5, 2015
Bridging the Gap – How the SDG Fund is Paving the Way for a Post-2015 Agenda
Dr. Paloma Duran discusses the upcoming transition from the Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 agenda

Legatus Magazine – March 2, 2015
What glass ceiling? Legatus’ female executives are helping break new ground as savvy business leaders
Professor Luanne Zurlo discusses Work-Life balance and women in an interview with Brian Fraga

National Catholic Register – February 6, 2015
Pope Francis’ Catechism for Economics (Dr. Andrew Abela)

• EWTN Nightly News – February 24, 2015
Dr. Sophia Aguirre was interviewed on EWTN News Nightly on the effect of rising day care costs on young families

The Washington Post – February 2, 2015
Controversial Koch brothers give big (again) to Catholic University

Washington Examiner – January 28, 2015
Religious entrepreneurs unveil web news site to unite divided conservatives

The Imaginative Conservative – January 27, 2015
Morality in the Marketplace: A Catechism for Business

The Washington Post – January 23, 2015
Catholic University gets $3 million, from a Koch foundation and others, to teach principled entrepreneurship

The Wall Street Journal – January 23, 2015
Teaching Capitalism to Catholics

The Washington Post – January 23, 2015
From a family squabble to a finance guru

Catholic Business Journal – January 22, 2015
Pope Francis on the Health of Your Company

Washington Business Journal – January 22, 2015
Catholic University of America gets $3M in grants for business school

Catholic Business Journal – January 22, 2015
Pope Francis on the Health of Your Company
Andreas Widmer wrote an essay for Catholic Business Journal on how Pope Francis's 15 ailments of the curia line up with common business ailments.

Fall 2014

CBN News – December 27, 2014
Tolkien Truth: Giant Lessons from Little Hobbits

EWTN News Nightly – December 26, 2014
Former Swiss Guard Andreas Widmer shares Christmas stories of Saint John Paul the Second (Minute 12:26)

Catholic Herald – December 10, 2014
Party like a Hobbit

Crisis Magazine – December 8, 2014
Did the Church Change Its Doctrine on Usury?

The Daily Caller – November 26, 2014
Economic Freedom and Religious Freedom are Mutually Reinforcing

The Christian Post – November 13, 2014
Is Economic Liberty Necessary for Religious Liberty?

The Washington Examiner – November 10, 2014
Economic Tyranny Trumps Religious Liberty

Catholic World Report  October 30, 2014
The Political Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien
Dr. Jay Richards was interviewed on his book The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom That Tolkein Got, and the West Forgot.

EWTN News Nightly – October 22, 2014 
Interview with Andreas Widmer on the Feast of St. John Paul II

EWTN News Nightly – October 31, 2014
Professor Aguirre was interviewed about the impact of the family on economics (minute 10:38).

• October, 2014 - National radio interviews with Dr. Jay Richards about his book “The Hobbit Party” on:

o Son Rise Morning Show (EWTN radio)
o Al Kresta (Sacred Heart Radio)
o A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas
o Relevant Radio

Catholic News Service – September 30, 2014
Business leaders explore ways to carry Catholic values to the office

The Washington Post – September 14, 2014
Meet the new faces of Washington business education

Summer 2014

Salt and Light Television – August 30, 2014 
A Conversation with former JPII Swiss Guard Andreas Widmer 
Interview with Andreas Widmer on the Canonization of St. John Paul II and St. John XXIII.

Zenit – August 17, 2014
A Business Catechism: Guide to Social Teaching of the Church

•  August 7, 2014
Avoid Death by PowerPoint
Dr. Andrew Abela was mentioned in an story on how to display data.

• EWTN News Nightly – July 18, 2014
Journey of Migrants to U.S. Border
Martha Cruz Zuniga discussed the journey Central and South American migrants make to the U.S. border (Minute 12:40).

Wall Street Journal – July 17, 2014
The Pope and a More Christian Approach to Business
Bill Bowman, Research Assistant Professor in the School of Business & Economics, comments in a letter published in the Wall Street Journal on Pope Francis' use of language to shake up business people.

• The Tablet – July 5, 2014
In Pursuit of Caring Capitalism

• First Things – July 2, 2014
Books for Summer Reading: Deepening a Thoughtful Catholic Faith

• Daily Caller – June 25, 2014
Hobby Lobby: The Cost of Not Offering Health Insurance

• Legatus Magazine – June 2, 2014
A new catechism for business

Spring 2014

• May 21, 2014
The Good Catholic Life, Braintree MA – Scot Landry

• The Cardinal Newman Society– April 30, 2014
Former Swiss Guard, CUA Professor Attended Papal Canonizations as Pilgrim
Kelly Conroy publishes excerpts of an interview with Andreas Widmer.

• Forbes– April 25, 2014
5 Leadership Lessons Pope John Paul II Taught A Young Swiss Guard
Carmine Gallo writes about Andreas Widmer and his lessons learned from Pope John Paull II.

• WUSA9– April 25, 2014
Former Swiss Guard Reflects on Canonization of Pope John Paul II
Andreas Widmer is interviewed by Jan Jeffcoat.

• Huffington Post – April 24, 2014
A Former Swiss Guard Reflects on Canonizations and Saints
Andreas Widmer is featured in the Huffington Post on the ocassion of the canonization of Pope John Paul II.

• Washington Times – April 23, 2014
In the company of a saint: Catholics gear up for a rare double canonization

Andreas Widmer is interviewed about his former boss, Pope John Paul II, being canonized a saint.

• April 23, 2014
Relevant Radio – On Call with Wendy Wiese

• CNA/EWTN News– April 27, 2014
Former Swiss Guard recalls John Paul II’s love for humanity
Andreas Widmer is interviewed by CNA/EWTN News.

• April, 2014 - Interviews given by Andreas Widmer on the ocassion of the canonization of saints John XXII and John Paul II:
o Theresa Tomeo Radio Interview on Ave Maria Radio
o Al Jazeera TV Interview
o Joan Lewis EWTN TV Interview
o Raymond Arroyo EWTN TV Interview
o WUSA9 Interview 
o Hyattsville Gazette Article/Interview
o EWTN Saints for Today Segment during Nightly News
o CUA Press Release 
o Forbes Magazine
o Sirius XM Catholic Channel Interview
o Washington Times
o Washington Post
o Catholic News Agency 
o Huffington Post Article
o Business2Community Article
o Catholic Exchange Article
o Pblosser Blog
o Pattimaguire Blog
o Cardinal Newman Society
o Article based on CNA/EWTN interview - Former Swiss Guard recalls John Paul II’s love for humanity
o Salt & Light TV 
o Immaculate Heart Radio (Bay Area) Interview
o The Anchor Newspaper (Fall River, MA) 

• Arlington Catholic Herald – April 16, 2014
A champion of Catholic business ethics

• April 16, 2014
WDEO – Kresta in the Afternoon

• April 14, 2014
WNOP – SonRise Morning Show with Matt Swaim

• April 9, 2014
WDUN – The Bill & Joel Show

• April 9, 2014
Truth in Action Ministries – The Jerry Newcombe Show

• National Catholic Register – April 7, 2014

CUA Business School Baptizing the Free Market

• April 7, 2014
Acton Institute – Paul Edwards

• April 3, 2014
WKBN – The Dan Rivers Show

• April 3, 2014
WOCA – The Source with Larry Whitler

• National Catholic Register – March 31, 2014
A Free Market Gets Its Long-Overdue Catechism

• The Cardinal Newman Society – March 26, 2014
Catholic Univ. of America Professors Release ‘Catechism for Business’

• March 26, 2014
KPOJ – The Thom Hartmann Show

• The Washington Post – March 25, 2014
A liberal case for why corporations are people, too

• National Review Online – March 25, 2014
The Business of Conscience

• National Catholic Reporter – March 4, 2014
Review: "A Catechism for Business"

• The Wall Street Journal – February 28, 2014
John Garvey and Andrew Abela: Why We're Keeping a $1 Million Koch Gift

• EWTN News – February 23 , 2014
Catholic University leaders reject criticism of Koch grant

• The Wall Street Journal – February 14, 2014
The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict at Work

• February 11, 2014
CatholicTV Network

• Relevant Radio – February 3, 2014
The Drew Mariani Show

• National Catholic Register – January 30, 2014
Why the idea of concrete love is useful to understanding Church teaching about the economy.

• Forbes – January 14, 2014
For Catholics, The Vocation Of Business Is The Main Hope For The World's Poor

Fall 2013

• Catholic News Agency – December 19, 2013
Koch grant consistent with Church teaching, CUA tells critics

• National Catholic Register – December 9, 2013
The Economic Message of Pope Francis’ ‘Evangelii Gaudium’

Summer 2013

• USA Today – June 5, 2013
New business school aims to build moral corporate leaders

• Acton Institute PowerBlog – May 30, 2013
New business school aims to build moral corporate leaders

Spring 2013

• Legatus Magazine – March 1, 2013
Reinventing business education

• The Washington Post – January 21, 2013
Catholic U. starts a business school — without MBAs

• The Lay Catholic – January 19, 2013
Ethics Part of All Catholic University’s New Business School

• The Wall Street Journal – January 7, 2013
B-School Mixes Faith and Finance

Spring 2011

• February 17, 2011
EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: World Over - Raymond Arroyo (Minute 43:20)


A Catechism for Business: Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching
Edited by Dr. Andrew V. Abela, Dr. Joseph Capizzi

  • Publisher: The Catholic University of America Press
  • ISBN-13: 978-0813225852

Many managers who believe themselves to be religious are all too willing to "check their religion at the door" of their workplaces. They may simply be ignorant of the implications of their faith for their business practices. Catholic teaching on business and economics has been described (with intentional irony) as the Church's "best kept secret." More


Human Ecology: 125 Years of Business and Catholic Social Doctrine - Conference Proceedings Edited by Andreas Widmer,  Beatriz E. Lopez

ISBN-13: 978-1532967689

Catholic teachings on the common good are comprehensive and universal. They communicate truths and principles which are relevant to every aspect of human flourishing. For the anniversaries of the great documents of Catholic social teaching Rerum Novarum, Centesimus Annus, and our newest addition to Catholic social teaching Laudato Si, we have convened a conference on Human Ecology that attempts to integrate and convey the wisdom of 125 years of the Catholic Church’s social encyclicals and eternal teaching. More

  Request Free PDF version

Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business: Conference Proceedings Edited by Dr. Andrew V. Abela,  Beatriz E. Lopez

ISBN-13: 978-1507546789

There appears to be a decline in confidence in the market economy as the engine of prosperity for all. A renewed focus on solidarity — love of others — in the marketplace could draw more people into the “circle of exchange” (Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus, 34), strengthen confidence in the market economy, and drive greater liberty and prosperity. | More

  Request Free PDF version


Faithful Measure: Gauging Awareness of the Catholic Church's Social Doctrine

Authored by Andreas Widmer, Catherine Pakaluk

ISBN-13: 978-1511820318

This study focused on providing insights to the Catholic Church on how well Catholics understand well-defined Catholic terms, and to know what the words she currently employs actually mean in the vocabulary of those who listen to her, and if that meaning does not overlap with the Church’s definition of that word or term, what alternate term would do so. | More

   Request Free PDF version

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