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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Busch School of Business and Economics offers seven undergraduate degree programs. Each program explores a particular area of business in depth to enable students to graduate with job-ready abilities. All major programs of study include the business core curriculum paired with Catholic University's rich liberal arts requirements.



Designed to prepare students for a career in the public accounting profession, private industry, government, and the nonprofit sector, as well as providing the basis for the CPA.
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International Economics and Finance - Honors

This program is designed to provide students with proficiency in economic theory and policy making as they relate to the workings of the global economy.
> International Economics and Finance major details


This program provides students with expertise in economic theory and its applications in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development, and public finance. Graduates are prepared for careers in government, the private or nonprofit sectors or advanced training.
> Economics major details


With courses in leadership, organizational behavior, and business strategy, a graduate of this program is well prepared to devise and implement strategies to help firms make the best use of their resources.
> Management major details


With courses in investment analysis, financial markets, financial statement analysis, and corporate finance, this program prepares students for careers as securities analysts or brokers.
> Finance major details


This program prepares students with the ability to research consumer needs, develop products and services that meet those needs, and communicate benefits through effective promotions that stimulate demand.
> Marketing major details

International Business

Designed to prepare students to compete in the global marketplace by helping them develop the vision to recognize international marketing opportunities, analyze threats from foreign competitors, and develop effective strategies.
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