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Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to travel abroad. This is because business has entered into the international arena, and it's important for students to have the ability to draw from their own experiences in a different culture.

Pope Francis
Photo: Accounting major Joseph Cihak meets pope
Francis while studying abroad in Rome this 2015 spring.

Students have several options when choosing which study abroad program is right for them. There are two flagship CUA programs which are located in Rome and in Oxford. These programs are directly run by our university and offer our very own faculty as instructors. Other programs are still of high quality, but work with partner institutions. No matter which program a student chooses, they will have a fun, safe, and educational encounter with the global business environment.

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Studying abroad takes preparation and research to ensure that you complete all the necessary steps prior to your travel. To properly prepare for studying abroad, learn more about the process by visiting the procedure page below.

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Study Abroad Destinations for Business and Economics Students

Rome, (Fall or Spring) Take a course in international marketing alongside Italian language and culture courses.
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Rome Summer Business Program Comprised of two courses, this program examines the vastly different business environments and varying legal, economic, and commercial institutions in Europe.
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Take courses in the fields of British Economics, Macroeconomics, International Finance, Economics of the Monarchy, European Union Economics, and Free Market Economics.
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Dublin, Quinn School of Business – At the Quinn School of Business you will have access to more than sixty second- and third-year courses in business along with a required course on Irish culture and history. Some of the subject areas offered include Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business and Industrial Systems, Business Management and International Business, Economics, Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing.

Barcelona, Liberal Arts & Business Program – A wide range of English-taught courses focus on Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Business Ethics. English- and Spanish-taught Business and Economic courses are also available through the Business Department at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Internships are also available.

Shanghai, Business in China Program – A semester-long program designed to uncover the mysteries of Chinese business mentality and strategies, through classroom lectures, internship placements in international and local companies, as well as interactions with both Chinese and overseas business leaders.



Student Profile


While spending a semester in Spain, I tried to experience as much as possible, whether it was a breathtaking view or studying the world economy from the point of view of a Spanish student. My perspective as a student was entirely changed for the better.

Kathryn Donatelli