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  • Completing Service Failure Recovery with Skill and Solidarity
    By Dr. Brian Engelland, Interim Dean, Ordinary Professor of Marketing, and Edward J. Pryzbyla Chair of Business and Economics, The Busch SchoolIf you run a service business, sooner or later it will happen.  A storm will strike or equipment will breakdown, and you will be unable to meet a service promise to your custome...
  • Economic Personalism: Tool for Morality in Markets
    By Blog Contributor: Dawn Carpenter, Advisory Board Member, The Busch SchoolNo matter what your ideology, there is common disdain for market manipulators, fraud, and theft. There is little disagreement about the repugnance of taking advantage of senior citizens through deceptive investment schemes or conning vulnerable families ...
  • Catholic University Receives $47 Million for Business School, Academic Programs
    School to be named the Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics (WASHINGTON, D.C.) The Catholic University of America announced today that it has received six commitments totaling $47 million for the operational needs of the School of Business and Economics and other University academic programs. The lead gift of $15...






Media coverage for $47 Million Gift to The Busch School

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