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Dr. Enzler has a rich and diverse academic and professional formation. After finishing his studies in Milan, he joined the Swiss Guard and served under St. John Paul II for three years in the double capacity of soldier and conductor of the Swiss Guard Band. Following his time of service at the Vatican, he joined UBS and worked for eighteen years in investment banking and corporate finance. While traveling around the world working in the banking industry, he received professional formation and obtained the CFA and the IAF. He then left the financial world for a full-time work in Catholic education at the classical-curriculum academy him and his wife founded in NH after moving there to be near his newly-widowed mother-in-law and not finding any adequate educational options for his 5 children. When he is not in his office or with students in a classroom, he can be often found speaking at conferences or men's retreats where he shares about the role Saint John Paul II had in helping him into a better man, executive and leader.



In His Words ...

“At CUA we do not educate to create more efficient workers or more satisfied consumers, but freer – and better – persons. As educators, we accept as axiomatic the ancient view that the purpose of education is first and foremost moral, not utilitarian. We therefore seek not merely to inform our students, to fill their minds, but to form them as persons by holding up for them the classical ideals of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful."Mario Enzler




Office: 300 McMahon Hall
The Catholic University of America
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Office hours: By appointment.

Phone: 202-319-6164


FIN 224 Personal Finance

FIN 226 Financial Management

FIN 491 Banking and Finance

Areas of Specialization:

Financial Planning

Investment Banking

Business Leadership



C.F.A and I.A.F Certificates
D.M.A Universita' Statale di Milano, Italy