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Cabrini Pak – Marketing Lecturer

LatterCabrini Pak is a Teaching Fellow with the School of Business and Economics and a PhD candidate in Religion and Culture at CUA. Her training in this field has enabled her to weave anthropological and social-psychological insights into such business topics as consumer behavior, marketplace consumption patterns, emerging technologies, management of information, supply chain management, and ethics.

With an extensive background in marketing, business strategy, research, consulting, and theology, both academically and professionally, she is able to bring many real-world experiences and tensions into the classroom for her students to wrestle with. She is excited to be part of the School’s mission and enjoys teaching at the School of Business and Economics while continuing her advanced studies in the PhD program at STRS. Her professional experience spans 20 years, having worked for such firms as the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology in Research Triangle Park, Deloitte Services LP in Boston, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Catholic Leadership Institute, and the Diocese of St. Augustine. Cabrini earned her MBA from The George Washington University on a Global Manager’s Fellowship Award, her MA in Theology from Villanova University as a Tuition Scholar, and a BS in Biology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Research and Writing

Pak, Cabrini, "Spiritual Fitness: Red Herring or Distinctive Domain of Total Force Fitness?" paper presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention (August 2015), Toronto, Canada

Pak, C.H., "Competition and Countervailing Power in the Imperialist Marketplace: The Case of Korea," International Journal of Korean Studies XIX:2 (2014 Winter): 80-99.

Hong, Keejae, C.H. Pak, and Simon Pak (2014), “Measuring Abnormal Pricing - An Alternative Approach: The Case of U.S. Banana Trade with Latin American and Caribbean Countries,” Journal of Money Laundering Control, 17(2).

Pak, Cabrini and Ajit Kambil (2006). “Over 50 and Ready to Shop: Serving the Aging Consumer,” Journal of Business Strategy, 27 (6).

Kambil, Ajit and Cabrini Pak (2004). “Marketing Information Technologies to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises,” Deloitte Research Brief.


Dissertation work

Cabrini is currently studying the role of transcendence in the American POW experience, with a qualitative focus on POW memoirs from two time periods: World War II and the Vietnam War. Transcendence is an under-appreciated aspect of human experience with potentially significant positive contributions to the study of “spiritual fitness” and resilience in the military (Mullen, 2011), two factors attributed to successful navigation of the military life cycle. Although war veterans have often been studied in clinical detail for risk factors like depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and related disorders, very little has been done to study the memoirs of veterans with known resilience from a particularly heinous experience, like a POW experience. A study of the role of transcendence in these veterans, especially in their first-person accounts, may contribute to a more balanced (and positive) understanding of resilience of the military service member, as well as the potentially therapeutic effect of memoir writing in making sense of the “pathological normalcy” of war.


In Her Words ...

Our students will be our future leaders. When they connect human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity, and the common good with sound, ethical business practices in the classroom, my hope is that they will also do this in the marketplace.– Cabrini Pak



Office: 309 McMahon Hall
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Washington, D.C. 20064

Office hours: By appointment only.




  • MGT 240 – Management of Information
  • MGT 301 –  Ethics in Business and Economics
  • MKT 345 – Marketing Management


Ph.D. Candidate, Religion and Culture,
The Catholic University of America

The George Washington University

M.A., Theology
Villanova University

B.S., Biology
The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Management information systems
  • Emerging technologies
  • Business strategy
  • Ethics
  • Leadership