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Darrell's 'View of the World' Changed by CUA

Name: Darrell Carroll

Hometown: South Amboy, NJ

Major: International Economics and Finance

Why I chose CUA: I chose CUA because of the institution's dual emphasis on education and faith. I knew I would be challenged at CUA, while also being able to have time to grow culturally by living in Washington, D.C.

Why I decided to major in international econ and finance: In deciding my future, I had always gravitated toward business as a field of study. However, I was unsure which avenue within business I would choose. Upon taking my first finance and economics classes, I was torn as to which I would select as a major. When I learned that I could combine both with an international economics and finance degree, I immediately decided to take this route.

Most influential professor: Having a major that combines two interrelated topics, I have been influenced by professors in both economics and finance. Dr. Aguirre has been instrumental in my understanding of the global economy as well as economic policy. Dr. Saidi has aided in my understanding of financial management through daily one-on-one discussions regarding the global markets. Both have been deeply influential to me.

Favorite course: My favorite course so far has been ECON 241, which is taught by Dr. Aguirre. It was unquestionably the most challenging course that I have taken in my academic career. Yet, the knowledge I took away by the end of the course made the rigors of the course well worth it.

Words for prospective students: The School of Business and Economics has consistently grown and improved throughout my tenure at CUA, which is a trend that I expect to continue. There is a strong emphasis on internships and career goals that keeps students motivated and diligent. I would recommend my major, the school, and my university to anyone interested in furthering their education and developing the necessary tools to begin a successful career.

Preparing for a future in business: I have been extremely well prepared for my career in business as a result of my education at CUA. The coursework has been rigorous, yet fulfilling. When I have interned at various financial firms, I have realized the advantage I have over other interns because of the education I have received at CUA. Additionally, I have utilized the small classroom setting to maintain fruitful relationships with my professors. Developing these relationships has enabled me to further my learning outside the classroom. 

On studying at a Catholic institution: Studying business at a Catholic institution has provided me with a unique perspective of the business world. The focus on ethics and morality in decision-making has permeated various classes, not simply our course on ethics. This is a major takeaway for me and is something I plan to utilize in my future career.

Plans after graduation: After college, I will begin my career at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in Sales & Trading. I owe much of the honor of being employed at such a prestigious institution to my experience here at CUA.

Best memory: My best memory was my trip to the New York Stock Exchange, where we visited Meridian Equity Partners. This was special because at the NYSE, I made connections with Meridian that resulted in an internship with them that summer.

The CUA International Economics & Finance program is both challenging and rewarding. It has changed my view of the world and guided my professional life. – Darrell Carroll



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